Terms and Conditions


This agreement is made between CadCam Technology Ltd (the company) and the purchaser. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, these conditions shall be the only ones applying to any contract for the supply of goods and services by us to the customer. No substitution for these Terms and Conditions shall be binding on the company.


Alterations to, and cancellations of, orders accepted by the company cannot be made without the companies’ consent in writing. The company reserve the right to charge for any additional costs resulting from such alterations and for any expense incurred before cancellation and for specially adapting goods to the purchasers’ requirements.

Please note that if Demo software is made available, showcasing a product’s features or usability, no cancellation or return requests will be considered. Except in the following circumstances:

  • A feature is not available in the full software that was available in the Demo software.
  • The software does not function as advertised.
  • The software does not function as intended by the developer (CadCam Technology ltd or Gs-UK ltd).
  • The product received differs from the product ordered.
  • At the sole discretion of CadCam Technology ltd or Gs-UK ltd

Please ensure that you are entirely satisfied with the demonstration product prior to making your order, we cannot accept returns for reasons pertaining to functionality or usability.


The company uses a reputable parcel courier to dispatch your goods. Orders will be dispatched within 24 hours of order. Orders recieved on Saturday or Sunday will be dispatched on the Monday.


Any time, date or period for delivery contained in document issued by the company is an estimate only. Unless the contract specifically provides to the contrary, the company shall not be liable for any failure to delivery on the time or date or within the period so stated. The delay or non-delivery of goods does not entitle the purchaser to withhold payment. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the company may in our absolute discretion make delivery by installments. Each installment shall be invoiced and paid for separately Goods cannot be returned for credit unless received faulty, damaged or have been incorrectly sent and are returned within 21 days of receipt. Delivery of supplies and designs will be charged at the current rate for the method of delivery.


Please ensure all packages are checked at time of delivery and any damages noted on the parcel couriers paperwork. Unless the company and carriers are notified in writing, the company shall not accept any liability for damage or loss in transit. Our liability shall be limited to making good the damage or replacing lost items.


All prices are subject to revision without notice, unless otherwise stated by the company in writing. Prices charged would be those prevailing at date of dispatch. Prices quoted exclude tax (tax must be paid at the current rate from the date of invoice)


Payment is due in full upon completion of successful service/sale. We accept payment via PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Maestro and Solo through our online payments service.


The property of the goods shall pass to the customer only upon the price being paid in full, and until the property has so passed, the customer shall not change or dispose of the goods. The purchaser shall be responsible for all risks attracting to the goods and for insuring them from the date of delivery.


Any illustration and/or description of goods appearing in any literature shall be deemed to be for general guidance and information only. They shall not constitute a specification of the goods, nor shall it be deemed to be a term of the contract that the goods shall comply with such illustration or description.


Save where liability for death or personal injury arises as a result of negligence or willful default of the company, the company will not be liable for any accidental or consequential damages resulting from any breach of contract and in any event the companies liability will be limited to the value of the goods purchased pursuant to this agreement.

12. LAW

The conditions of this agreement shall be subject to, and construed in accordance with English Law.